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RSVP Program

“Rick’s Service Value Plan”

Discounted Pricing – RSVP members automatically receive the “RSVP” rate, a lower rate in our “Customer Assured Price Manual.”

Extended Warranty – As long as your RSVP Membership is in continual effect, renewed each year and you allow our technician to perform the annual inspection, all repairs covered under our standard 30 day warranty will be extended to a 1 year warranty. Warranties on drain line stoppages are not extended.

Annual Inspections – If you desire and request it, we will perform one free inspection and safety check as described in the next section. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble. That saves you money. If during the annual inspection we find any repairs that need to be done, they will be offered to you that day at our special “RSVP Member Rate.”

Safety Check – Your service technician will walk through your home, inspecting your home’s plumbing system and tighten any loose handle or packing nut during the inspection process. All the emergency shut-off valves under the sinks, toilets, washing machine, water heater and your main water shut-off will be visually inspected. Any exposed pipe and pipe connections will be visually inspected and you will be shown where the main emergency shut-off for your water and gas piping are located.

Water Heater – Your service technician will visually inspect for gas and water leaks, corrosion, make sure the thermostat is set at the proper temperature, visually check the temperature & pressure relief valve, check that the relief drain line is properly sized and free of obstructions and ensure that the vent piping is properly secured.

Faucets – Your service technician will check all of the faucets in your home for leaks and corrosion. We will visually check (without removing them) the stems and cartridges for ease of operation and clean the aerators on all of the faucets throughout your home for proper water flow.

Toilets – Your service technician will inspect your toilet bowl and tank for leaks and proper flushing action. We will check the water-measuring device for proper operation along with the flapper or tank ball or proper water seal. The float ball, overflow and any linkage will be adjusted to manufacturer’s specifications.

Click here to see our RSVP Program details (PDF).