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Since ancient times when people first figured out how to bring running water into their home, there have been plumber jobs. Obviously, because it’s still in high demand today, we know that there is still work in this field and we know there will probably always be work in this field. But overall, is it a good job? High paying? Good benefits? Hard to learn? If you’re wondering about a career as a plumber, read on to find out if this type of job is right for you.

How much do plumber jobs pay?

Plumber jobs vary in their average pay, depending on the area of the country that you’re in and the specifics of your job qualifications. If you’ve had additional training in some specialized equipment, or if you’re a commercial plumber in addition to a residential plumber, you will find that some plumber jobs pay more.

On average, plumber jobs can pay from $50,000-100,000 annually.

Paid Training

Not all industries offer paid training. Most of the time, you will have to either show up already knowing what to do on the job or you will have to suffer through a training period that is unpaid or paid at a very low rate. However, because it can take years to train as a plumber’s apprentice, pretty much all training for the job is paid.

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In addition, there are many unions and professional organizations to ensure that plumbers are professionals that are properly provided for.

How hard is it to train to be a plumber?

Training to be a plumber can be much easier than training for many other industries. After two years of classroom education at a technical or training college, most people who want to become plumbers get their first apprenticeship, where they will work on minor and simple plumbing jobs under the supervision of a master and journeyman plumber.

Most apprentices study under these more experienced plumbers for two to four years. Once the apprentice is ready, they will take the test to become certified as a journeyman, which is when they can begin to train their own apprentices. Some journeymen are ready to take the Master Plumber exam within as few as five years, while others may stay a journeyman for ten years or more, learning to work on many types of equipment or unique situations. Once fully prepared, the journeyman will graduate to becoming a Master Plumber. Once a Master, many plumbers choose to open their own businesses.

Plumber jobs are professional technician jobs
Plumbers are in a class of elite professional technicians.

Are there a lot of growth opportunities?

Yes! Although everyone starts off at the same apprentice level, there are many types of specialties that plumbers can pursue. Many plumbers specialize in residential or commercial plumbing, which opens up many sub-specialties, such as working in multi-family housing units or high-rise buildings like you will find in the downtown areas of many large cities.

In addition, some plumbers specialize in outdoor equipment, like water fountains at public parks, or at installation and plumbing construction, which is very different from plumbing repair in a building once it’s in use. Some plumbers specialize in marine equipment, while others will become highly trained in water pumps used in arid, desert-like places. No matter what kind of water purification or delivery system you’re interested in, there’s plumbing jobs in that industry.

What are some of the best benefits and worst drawbacks?

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Okay, so one of the obvious drawbacks may be that some of the jobs will be unpleasant. But one of the not-so-obvious benefits is the regular schedule and pretty-much-guaranteed Overtime. Most plumbers’ businesses are open during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Some may be open extended hours – say from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or something like that. But generally, if you are a plumber at any level – apprentice or journeyman – you will be able to have a regular schedule that won’t allow you to travel much, have extended hours, or work weekends. At least, not without reasonable compensation.

Plumber Jobs Are Right for the Right People

Plumber jobs are hard but rewarding work.
Hard but rewarding work.

Being a plumber isn’t right for everybody, but it is right for the people who are looking for a long-term career option that means they won’t ever have to worry about being out of work – even if they move to a new area, there will be plumbing jobs there, waiting for them.