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Shelton Plumbing is a Professional Drain Cleaning and Sewer Service Company

Overwhelmed because the potty is overflowing? You may have a sewer drain clog. No need to panic. Shelton Plumbing knows drains, clogs, and sewers like the back of our hand.

Unclogging Drains for More Than 30 Years

Shelton Plumbing has been in the plumbing business for more than 3 decades. We gladly serve the Waco community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also thank this great community for their continued support.

Unclog drain jams fast.

When you have a clog, the first attempt to remedy the blockage is to reach for a plunger. Good option for simple obstruction.

But if your drain is still in a jam you need to call out the big guns. Shelton Plumbing is ready.

The ultimate drain cleaner for any sewer drain clog.

Our high pressure water jetting system blows through the toughest clogs. Your drains or pipes will be cleared in no time. And this method is friendly to the environment.

Get rid of a clogged shower drain with our rooter tool.

Drain cleaning rooters, also known as snakes, use spinning blades to slice through stubborn hair, soap, and grease clogs. Whether it is in the kitchen or bathroom, cutting out the clog is our job.


Sewer Cleaning

When your sewer lines are not working at their best, call Shelton Plumbing to perform a complete sewer line cleaning.

Avoid Future Sewer Line Repair

If you have never had your residential or commercial lines cleaned, avoid potential property damage by scheduling a cleaning service today.

What causes a sewer backup?

The root cause of many sewer backups is roots. Trees or bushes planted too close in proximity to sewer lines can creep into your system causing damage and eventually backups. Know where your lines are before you do any planting.

General Sewer Service

We find and fix leaks. We replace burst pipes. We repair punctures. We seal cracks and joints. We are fast. We are reliable. We are ready to treat your sewer troubles.

Major and minor sewer repair experience.

Soil shift. Freezing weather. Building settling. Ground vibration. Heavy objects. Construction. Digging in the wrong spot. These are all reasons your sewer drains or pipes may need repair. Shelton Plumbing has experience making major replacements and minor repairs.

Sump pump installation will protect your home.

You worked hard to finish that man cave in your basement. The last thing you want is a flood. Make sure you have installed a good sump pump and test it regularly to assure it works well. Shelton Plumbing can install top quality sump pumps to protect your assets.


Clogged Sink Drain? No Strain.

The plumbing technicians at Shelton Plumbing will unclog your slow or stopped up drain with ease. We never use chemicals that will hurt your pipes. And we will tell you how to avoid future clogs.

You need our sewer drain cleaning service.

Drains, especially around the exterior of the home, are susceptible to blockages from dirt, leaf, and grass debris that gets blown around your yard. Then when it rains, the water can’t escape causing backups.

Keep your drains flowing with regular sewer cleaning service from Shelton Plumbing.

A sewage backup can lead to a sewer pipe repair.

Sewage backup into your home or business is messy and unpleasant. It may be the result of a major block or physical damage of the sewer pipes.

Repairs to damaged sewer pipes often include digging a trench with a backhoe to expose the area of concern. Our trained plumbers are skilled at making these large fixes and cleaning up the work area afterwards.

Waco’s Top Drain Cleaning Company

We will clean out your drains without draining your wallet. Shelton Plumbing has the know-how and man power to handle any size drain cleaning mission for any part of your system.

Schedule service today

Sewer Line Cleaning for Residential and Commercial Systems

The obvious difference between residential and commercial plumbing systems is the amount of people utilizing them. A house vs. an office building will present varying types of problems with drains and sewer lines.

The pros at Shelton Plumbing are well versed in cleaning lines for any home and business plumbing system.

Experts in Drain Service

Shelton Plumbing technicians are experts in drain and water line services such as:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Relocation
  • Repiping
  • Rerouting

We work on residential wells and well pumps to keep your water flowing smoothly.

If you own a water filtration system, we can help service it as well.

Unclog shower drain messes.

Hair. Grime. Soap scum. Dirt. Oh the things we wash down our shower drain. Let Shelton Plumbing unclog that mess so you can stay clean.


Sewer line replacement for broken pipes.

Over time all things deteriorate. Sewer lines included. Broken or collapsed pipes should be replaced as soon as discovered.


Drain cleaning services to prevent backups.

Kitchens. Bathrooms. Basements. Laundry rooms. Garages. All areas with the potential to flood. Preventive maintenance is the key. Hire an experienced drain cleaning company to do the work for you. Shelton Plumbing is the service you can depend on.

Don’t neglect sewer and drain cleaning.

We know you do your best to keep foreign objects away from your sewer and storm drains. But since there is more to life than sweeping dirt, debris, and plastic grocery bags away from your drains, Shelton Plumbing offers a great sewer and drain cleaning deal for every customer.

Sewer Camera Inspection Gets to the Source

Don’t know where your blockage is or how to go about finding it? Schedule a video camera inspection of your sewer lines with Shelton Plumbing. We will locate your sewer problem quickly by running a powerful video scope through your pipes, taking the guesswork out of where and what to repair.


Sewer Replacement

Sewer pipes are manufactured to be tough. But, age, roots, and temperature can wreak havoc on them. Warning signs that your pipes may need to be replaced:

Noises such as gurgling from inside the pipes. Bad odors from your drains. Slow draining or backed up water.

Contact the experts at Shelton Plumbing to troubleshoot your sewer.

Licensed Drain Cleaning Plumber You Can Trust

Kitchen – sink, dishwasher


Bathroom – sink, tub, shower, toilet


Utility or Garage – water heater, floor drain, washing machine


Basement – sump pump

Licensed Drain Cleaning Plumber You Can Trust

Licensed. Uniformed. Trained. Customer-oriented. Respectful. Background checked. Clean. Reliable. Expert. That’s a Shelton Plumbing plumber.

Sewer cleaning companies help owners maintain good flow.

It is the duty of a property owner to keep the sewer line clear and free flowing from the house or business all the way to the street. Maintaining this good water and sewage flow will reduce your chances of a major sewer backup.

Best time for sewer cleaning service.

Though you can have your sewer pipes cleaned during any time of the year in this part of Texas, it may be best to do it in the summer or fall.

Storm drain cleaning is good for the environment.

During the summer rainy season, more dirt and debris tend to get washed into sewers and storm drains. This is true after any heavy storm systems passes through the area as well. Removing the accumulated matter is important to the environmental health of your home and region.


Water Main Repair

The water main is the line that brings water into your house from a source, such as municipal lines or wells. Without a functioning water main, you have no water, and risk contaminating the surrounding water supply.

Shelton Plumbing knows how to repair your main to meet the plumbing codes in the Waco area and keep the supply of fresh safe from contamination.

We can do all your drain clearing jobs.

Ode to the Drain
Drains in the kitchen. Drains in the floor.
Drains in the bathroom. Drains out the door.
Sink. Tub. Laundry hub.
If it has a clog, clearing it is our job.

Shelton Plumbing is serious about your drains. Call today. Let us serve you.


24/7 Sewer Repair Services

Water backing up? Soggy area in your yard? Drains have a funny smell? You might have a sewer line problem.

Shelton Plumbing safely inspects and fixes sewer lines no matter when they happen. We offer 24/7 sewer repair services.

Sewer Line Inspection and Sewer Plumbing Specialists

If you are buying a home, it is a good idea to have the sewer lines inspected prior to purchase. Our sewer plumbing specialists will use a video scope to follow the pipes of your prospective home all the way to the street and report their findings. We can also make any repairs as needed.

Easy steps to prevent a clogged sewer line.

Frequently remove leaves and debris away from drains. Check plumbing vent pipes and keep them clear of nests from birds or small rodents. Use an eco-friendly root destroyer to prevent tree and scrub roots from breaking lines. Call Shelton Plumbing to schedule a sewer cleaning.

Sewer video inspection is one of our best sewer services.

One of the best services we offer property owners is video inspection of both indoor plumbing and sewer systems. This ability allows our plumbers to accurately locate problems within your lines and more accurately provide you with a repair quote.

A video inspection tells your technician the condition of your pipes from the inside showing where joints may be failing, if roots have invaded pipes, cracked, bellied, or collapsed lines, how freely water flows, previous repairs, and if equipment was properly installed.

Contact our scheduling department to set up a video inspection of your sewer lines soon. It is a good practice to have them checked every 5 years or so.

Sewer Line Clean Out Uses Pressurized Water

Water jetting or hydro jetting is a fast and efficient way to have your sewer line cleaned out. Water is sent through a line at a high PSI rate blasting and cutting through the worst dirt, paper, hair, roots, and sludge imaginable.