(254) 751-9655

(254) 751-9655

Industrial Commercial Plumbing Repair Work

Shelton Plumbing provides quick, reliable service to all of our commercial accounts. We are also available to service new customers with the same dependable service.

Commercial Repair Projects

When you have commercial plumbing concerns, you don’t want to call a bunch of plumbers to find someone qualified and willing to remedy your many requirements. Some commercial plumbers say they can fix your issues, but may not actually be up to the challenge. Others may not have the manpower required to complete the entire job.

Shelton Plumbing is ever expanding in their commercial and industrial plumbing department.

  • Planning new construction? Send us a bid package.
  • Renovating or upgrading public restrooms at your business? Let us give you a quote.
  • Expanding your commercial kitchen? We can do the plumbing work.
  • Need restoration and clean up from a water leak? We have the equipment to dry out and refresh your facility.

Small or large projects are no problem for our experienced plumbing team. Our work estimates are free and written. We offer 24/7 emergency commercial repair service throughout the central Texas area.

Blocked drain. Backed up sewer. Clogged toilets. Leaking pipes. Water heater malfunction. Gas leak detection. Shelton Plumbing has the solution to remedy any of your commercial plumbing repairs.

Commercial Plumbing Industries We Serve

It does not matter which business industry you are in, we serve the whole gamut.

  • Retail stores ranging in size from a small mom and pop shop to large department stores or multi-business buildings.
  • Hotels and motels or bed and breakfast establishments.
  • Rental properties for large complexes or individual owners.
  • Fine dining restaurants to donut and coffee cafes.
  • Large and small public or private schools including universities.
  • Military and government buildings.
  • Medical and hospital facilities.
  • Offices. Manufacturers. Warehouses. Any business. Any time.

Local commercial plumber with Texas roots.

Waco is our home and Shelton Plumbing serves everyone equally. We are proud of our Texas roots.

We have been in the Waco area for more than 30 years and built an excellent reputation in the community. Call us anytime for your commercial plumbing repair work.

Professional and Experienced Commercial Plumbing Contractors

Shelton Plumbing is a member of the PHCC, meaning our professional standards and practices are set by this nationally recognized organization. We adhere to strict guidelines and have made it our company mission to hire only the top qualified plumbing tradesman, journeyman, and master plumbers.

We provide continuing education and trade classes to keep all of our service staff up to date on the newest rules and regulations of the industry. We conduct weekly safety meetings and review our customer service practices making certain our crews are respectful of commercial client’s property and employees. We will minimize interruption of your company’s daily routine so you can continue business as usual.

You can rest assured any member from the Shelton Plumbing commercial plumbing team who answers the call to your company will be highly trained with years of experience in the industry.