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Waco’s First Choice for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Shelton Plumbing loves a good renovation or remodel, especially for kitchens and baths. We have been updating Waco for more than 30 years.

Hiring the Right Contractor for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

The work required for a great remodel is not easy, but the return on your financial investment for the new kitchen or bathroom is nearly 100%.

You have heard it before… word of mouth is a good way to go when looking for any type of contractor.

The same is true for renovations. The more you can find out, positive and negative, about a contractor you are considering bringing into your home or business, the better. Ask people you trust to recommend someone and if they would use that contractor again on another project.


How kitchen and bathroom remodeling can affect your plumbing.

People often think that remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is replacing cabinets, painting, new flooring, new fixtures, and sometimes new wall tile. This is often an incomplete thought process. When you actually start doing the work, you may find there is need to move, repair, or replace plumbing, particularly if you are updating sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, or toilets.

If you have never updated these items and you live in an older home, there is a chance you have been living with worn out pipes and drains. A renovation is usually when you discover such issues.

This is the perfect time to make plumbing improvements. Shelton Plumbing is the perfect company to handle those improvements.


Easy bathroom remodels can become a disaster without planning and plumbing knowledge.

Remodeling any room requires some planning. However, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom has a few stages to manage from start to finish.

First, is having a great plan in place. Depending on the building codes, you may be required to pull a permit for your project and submit proper architectural or engineering drawings. Shelton Plumbing will work with you on this matter.

Second stage is demo. If you are gutting the entire bathroom or kitchen, this might include tearing out walls, which could include relocating pipes and drains.

Third on the list is the plumbing rough in. Reinstalling new pipes and drains in their existing or new location and tying into the sewer system. Before installing the new fixtures, this work must pass an inspection.

Finally, the new tub, shower, sink, toilet, dishwasher, etc. can be installed. After new cabinets and sinks are put in place, faucets go in. The plumbing work is then complete.

Avoid a possible plumbing disaster by contracting with Shelton Plumbing for your bathroom remodeling plumbing work.

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Remodel Bathroom Surfaces vs. Full Bathroom Renovation

Imagine this… You’ve had a hard day dealing with work, kids, family, and the new puppy who is not housebroken. You decide to take a well-deserved bath. You are sitting in your bathtub. The water is nice and hot. There are bubbles. It is quiet. You feel relaxed.

Then you notice the rhythmic sound of drip…drip…drip… as the tub spout slowly leaks water. It begins to disturb your peace of mind. You then notice the shower head. It looks old. It is old.

Now the tub is old. So is the sink, toilet, faucet and handles, countertops, surface around the bathtub. After a few minutes you face the fact that your bathroom is old and looks tired.

How about some updates? It won’t take much to bring your space into the new century. But do you change only what you can see, or go for the works with a total renovation?


No matter the answer or size of the project, when it comes to plumbing, you should rely on a professional to do the work.

The plumbing unknown often lies behind walls and beneath floors. Hire Shelton Plumbing to do your plumbing renovation work to assure the work is done right the first time.

Visit Our Showroom to Find Fixtures for Remodeling — Bathroom and Kitchen Projects

The showroom at Shelton Plumbing allows you to see, touch, and try out products from Kohler and Delta.

Kohler Products

Shelton Plumbing is proud to represent Kohler bathroom and kitchen products.

Shelton Plumbing showcases several series of Kohler products. Each series line includes tubs, toilets, sinks, shower parts, faucets, spouts, and other accessories allowing you to completely synchronize your new bathroom.

Browse the Unique Variety of Kohler Tubs

What is your preference for a new tub?

  • Stand alone.
  • Tub and shower combination.
  • Jetted tub.
  • Soaking tub.
  • Hydrotherapy.

Kohler has many styles, sizes, and shapes of tubs to consider for your dream bathroom. Shop in the Shelton Plumbing showroom or see the variety of Kohler bathtubs we stock. We are also happy to order what you need.

High Quality Kohler Bathtubs

You will find luxury and function with any Kohler bathtub you choose. They are made of high-quality materials some created and patented by Kohler. Materials are:

  • Enameled Cast Iron
  • Acrylic
  • Kohler ExoCrylic™ (30% lighter acrylic material making installation easier; fewer VOCs released when manufactured)
  • Lithocast (solid surface material)
  • Vikrell® (lightweight material with high-gloss finish)

Great Quality and Durability Are Behind Kohler Kitchen Sinks

Quality craftsmanship goes into every Kohler kitchen sink no matter which Kohler material is used to produce it. Enameled Cast Iron. Stainless Steel. Neoroc Composite.

Since your kitchen sink can often take a beating, Kohler puts durability into all their sinks.

Kohler Kitchen Faucets — Style and Innovation

stylish faucet

Kohler has dozens of innovative styles of kitchen faucets. From a traditional antique style to a modern touchless system, Kohler has a faucet that will fit your perfect kitchen dream.

We Stock Kohler Parts

All Kohler parts and products are in full compliance with all state and national plumbing codes and standards.

Thousands of parts to pick from to get your Kohler product working its best. Call Shelton Plumbing to check our inventory, or bring your used part in. We will help you find a replacement part.

The High Performance Kohler Toilet

We all need a good flush from time to time. No, not in a poker hand, but in a toilet. When that time is upon you, you want to know without a doubt that your toilet won’t let you down.

Kohler toilets are powerful and use less water without compromising their reliability to flush everything the first time.

Kohler Toilet Parts

Shelton Plumbing is an authorized dealer of Kohler and stocks hundreds parts for your convenience in the event your Kohler toilet has a malfunction.

Experience Kohler Shower Heads

At one time, there were only a couple of options for shower heads—a normal spray or a massaging spray. Today, you can get anything from a soft rain-like spray to a powerful nozzle spray or a drenching aerated spray, and all with water-saving features.

Kohler designers have developed several lines of shower head sprayers that will enhance your shower experience.

Beautiful Kohler Bathroom Faucets

Your bathroom faucet is the bling of the sink. Do you want it to shine? Sparkle? Glow?

Beautiful finishes in multiple colors; all manufactured to be scratch, corrosion, and tarnish resistant.

Kohler Faucet Finishes

Polished. Brushed. Vibrant Brushed.

Chrome. Titanium. Nickel. Bronze. Gold. Brass.

Oil Rubbed Bronze. Vintage Nickel. Artist Series.

A look for every taste.

Kohler faucet parts

Sinks. Tubs. Showers. Faucets for kitchen and bathroom use. Shelton Plumbing has the Kohler faucet parts to fix what drips.


Update your bathroom with a new Kohler sink.

Does your bathroom have the blues? Is it time for an update? Think Kohler when you make the decision to renovate. Their line of sinks and faucets will bring in just the right bling to cheer up that drab bathroom.

Think Kohler pedestal sink for your powder room or ADA needs.

For those small spaces such as a half bath or powder room, Kohler offers pedestal sink options to fit those constraints.

Maybe your personal situation has changed making it necessary to convert to a pedestal sink. There are Kohler pedestal sink models designed to meet ADA standards.

See the variety of Kohler bathroom sinks.

“Variety is the spice of life” and Kohler is proud of its many designer series of beautifully crafted bathroom sinks. Traditional. Sleek. Modern. Artistic. Eclectic. Stop in the Shelton Plumbing showroom to see all the choices.

Kohler Devonshire

If you prefer the look of days-gone-by, the Devonshire bathroom collection is the design you will love. With a unique blend of lines and curves, the Devonshire bath, toilet, sink, and faucet elements merge to re-create a look of yesterday.

Kohler Memoirs

Kohler’s Memoirs series is all about tradition. The essence of fine furnishings creates an enduring expression for refined relaxation. With more than 100 products in this collection, you will be inspired beyond the typical bathroom.

Kohler Purist

Retreat to your home spa with the Kohler Purist collection. Water is the center of this inspired series–not only for the style, but for the water savings, using 30% less. Natural. Organic. Simple. Understated. Stunning. Resilient.


Kohler Shower Products

Your shower is often your sanctuary and Kohler has the perfect shower options to enhance your shower experience. Upgrade your humdrum shower head with one of these fine ideas:

  • Rain-like shower spray.
  • Stationary and handheld massage spray.
  • Shower column sprayers.
  • Body Sprayers.
  • Steam shower spray.
  • Sprayer with wireless speaker.

Kohler shower products also include shower kits and stalls for your remodeling projects.

Kohler replacement parts will match existing Kohler products.

Already have Kohler products in your bathroom or kitchen? Great. Want to replace one of your pieces with a newer version or different product all together? You are in luck. Most of the existing Kohler products are easily matched. Just let us know the configurations for sink holes, shower drains, or other fittings, and we will find the match for you.

Find peace in a Kohler tub.

Let the stress of your day melt away in a Kohler tub. Relaxing. Soothing. Excite your body with the massaging spa jets in a Kohler tub. Invigorating. Stimulating. Admire the lines and curves of a Kohler tub. Beautiful. Stylish. A Kohler tub. Inviting. Peaceful.

Kohler Vanities

Function. Style. Traditional. Modern. Industrial. Between simple and smart, but all beautiful. Kohler vanities resemble a fine piece of furniture, crafted for your personal purpose.

Kohler Bancroft

Early American is the inspiration for this collection of Kohler products for the bathroom. Tubs. Pedestal sinks. Faucets. Fixtures. Accessories.

Kohler kitchen faucet technology—more than a water dispenser.

Touchless technology. Soft spray. Magnetic docking. Kohler kitchen faucet options are many.

Kohler plumbing parts and accessories

Shelton Plumbing has parts and accessories for Kohler plumbing jobs. Shower bases. Shower doors. Shower storage walls. Grab bars. Hooks. Valves. Trim. Fittings. And much more.

Kohler Toilets Parts

Toilet seats often wear out before anything else. Shelton Plumbing has Kohler replacement seats a plenty. As well a flappers, handles, valves, etc.


Kohler Vanity Top Sinks

Memoirs, Persuade, and Kathryn collections have designer style vanity tops for existing consoles or cabinets.


Kohler shower faucets for every need.

For ease of use, it may be time to switch from a knob style faucet to a handle faucet. Kohler has a design that will meet your need and do it with style.

Kohler Shower Valve Technology

Faucets and their internal parts get a lot of wear and tear with daily use. The latest technology of Kohler’s Rite-Temp valves are built to last and need fewer replacements.

Kohler Wellworth

The Kohler Wellworth collection of affordable bathroom toilets and pedestal sinks are modern but simple in design. Practical for smaller spaces. Great looks for you.

Delta Products

Shelton Plumbing is honored to be an authorized dealer of Delta products. Many lines and products are available directly from the Shelton Plumbing showroom.

Innovative Delta Faucet Parts

Delta bathroom and kitchen faucets engineers have invented a new faucet part that eliminates the need to lubricate and minimizes wear on the seals. It uses “diamond seal technology” within the valve in conjunction with a single water line to keep the faucet working like new for years.

Delta Kitchen Faucets Feature Many Options

Hundreds of Delta kitchen faucets within 55 collections. High arched spouts. Magnetic retractable spray wands. Full stream, spray or swirl water flow. Resists hard water deposits. Long swivel hose. Some options are only available with Delta brands.


Delta Shower Heads Get You All Wet

Don’t just get clean. Get all wet from head to toe. Exclusive Delta shower heads. Invigorating wall-mounted body jets. Hydrachoice™ body sprays. Relaxing hand showers. Easy use palm showers. Two-in-one showers. Many Delta shower heads. Many ways to stay wet.

Delta Bathroom Faucets—Beautiful, Never Boring

Lavatory faucets are never boring when designed by Delta. Traditional. Contemporary. Classic. Channeled. Touchless. High spout for vessel sinks or directly out of the wall. Wide variety of finishes now including an intriguing matte black. Always beautiful.

Delta faucet repair made easy with Shelton Plumbing.

A Delta faucet is built to last for years, but they are not indestructible. If you do need a repair, Shelton Plumbing technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturer to work on all Delta products.

Delta faucets parts for quick fixes.

Hundreds of Delta bathroom faucets leads to thousands of faucet parts. Shelton Plumbing carries thousands of Delta parts for quick and easy fixes.

Did you know Delta makes a device for the bathroom sink to catch items before they slip down the drain? Ask about the drain catch.

Delta plumbing for the rough bathroom.

If you are remodeling and replacing your plumbing make sure to check out the Delta line of rough plumbing items to go with your Delta finished products. Everything from diverters, body sprays, shower arm diverters for handhelds, ceiling mounted arm with flange, tub and shower valve bodies, and inlets/outlets. All integrated for Delta by Delta.


Delta shower faucet repair and installation from Shelton Plumbing.

Schedule Shelton Plumbing for installation and faucet repair on any Delta product.

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Indulge in a Delta Shower

Saving water never felt so indulgent. A Delta shower will drench you with dancing water that feels like you are soaking in a whirlpool. The H2Okinetic shower has a shower head and hand shower to deliver you the ultimate shower while still saving water.


Delta In2ition® Gives You 2 for 1

It is the 2-in-1 shower experience you have been seeking. The In2ition® will let you use the hand shower and overhead spray together or separately.

Have a sore muscle you want to target? Use the handheld to hit the spot while the rest of you keeps warm under the regular spray.

Delta Shower Faucet with SpotShield®

Keeping the bathroom clean is important, but never a favorite thing to do. Delta makes it easier with their SpotShield® Technology and Antimicrobial Protection. These Delta innovations are found on many bathroom finishes. Reduces spots, residue, and fingerprints and protects against germs.

Pretty and Practical Delta Toilets

The bathroom toilet can be more than practical. Nowadays they can also be pretty. Expressive lines and curves make them a part of the décor.

New features make them more user friendly. Comfortable seats, some with slow closing or quick releasing options; seats with nightlights; family seats (for training your toddler). All have a water-saving flush.

A Delta Kitchen Faucet to Fit Your Need

A kitchen is often the hub of the home. The sink and faucet are likely the hub of the kitchen. Make them the centerpiece by incorporating a Delta faucet that shows you have great style. Whether you need a typical faucet, specialty faucet such as a pot filler, or accessory for the sink, Delta will fit your need.

The Advanced Delta Touch Faucet

Not enough hands for all of your tasks? Let Delta free you. The Touch2O Technology faucet lets you turn the water on and off when you touch your hand, wrist, or forearm on the handle or spout. So your gooey fingers won’t mess up your clean faucet.

Safe Water Temperatures with Delta Monitor Know How

Rely on Delta Monitor valves to keep your water at a safe temperature. With the capability to maintain steady temps within 3.6 degrees plus or minus the temperature you set. No more cold shocks when someone flushes.


Delta Shower Head Options

At one time, there were only a couple of options for shower heads—a normal spray or a massaging spray.

Today, you can get anything from a soft rain-like spray to a powerful nozzle spray or a drenching aerated spray, and all with water-saving features.

Delta Dryden Bathroom Faucet Collection

Symmetrical lines. Sophisticated style. Art Deco inspired. Single handle. Two handle. Wall mounted. Vessel. Lavatory faucets with flair.

Tub and shower fixtures feature TempAssure® Technology.

Revolutionary Universal Delta Shower Valve

The MultiChoice Universal Valve engineered by Delta was designed to allow for quick and easy changes or upgrades with other Delta products. Switch out to a different finish. Transform to a new feature. You are in control.

Delta Windemere Collections for Kitchen and Bath

Shaped like a fancy comma, amusing curves convey the playful spirit of the Windemere Collection. Sink, shower head, tub and handles, accessories. Carved. Tantalizing. Fun.

Delta Addison Kitchen and Bathroom Collection

This extensive series offers a touch of romance for your kitchen or bath. Elegant arcs paired with molded details mimics a scalloped shell.

Faucets for kitchen and bathroom sinks and tubs. Shower heads. Knobs. Handles. Accessories.

Delta Lahara Bath Faucet Collection

This collection features faucet and shower handles uniquely curved like the curl of a North Shore wave. Some faucets include Touch2O Technology. Sink. Shower. Tub. Accessories. Many pieces available.

Delta Leland Kitchen Collection

Well-designed. Efficient. Practical. Add some drama to your kitchen by installing Leland fixtures.

Original Delta Shower Parts

Never accept an imitation when you need parts for your Delta shower fixtures.