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A common mistake for business owners when managing their establishment is overlooking commercial plumbing maintenance.

Making sure that your plumbing system is as its peak form at all times is a vital component of managing your business premises. This is especially true in the restaurant and hotel industries. Even if you are not in those industries, if you don’t properly take care of your plumbing system, you risk losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to something as minor as a water leak.

In today’s post, we’ll share some essential preventative measures you can perform in order to avoid massive plumbing issues.

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Keep all the sink and bathroom drains unclogged.

An easy and straightforward plumbing maintenance step you can do is to inspect how fast the sinks in your building drain. If you notice that the sinks are draining slower than usual, get a commercial plumber to check it. Doing so will help avoid any larger plumbing issue from developing further.

You can also make hot water and vinegar mixture and pour it down the drain. This mixture helps dislodge unwanted debris and clogs. However, only use this mixture once in a while, perhaps once every few months.

If the sink is still not draining like how it should, it is time to employ the services of a professional to inspect your commercial plumbing system and do the necessary repairs.

Check the water pressure.

One of the most upsetting moments in life is getting ready to take a shower only to find out that the water pressure is too weak. As a business owner, this issue may lead to frustrations and negative experiences to your customers, especially if you have a hotel business.

Get a pressure gauge to test the water pressure in your commercial establishment. A pressure gauge helps you monitor the pressure, compare results, and make the necessary changes to fix any issues. However, it’s understandable that you have other matters to attend to as a business owner that you wouldn’t have the time to do this step.

Don't ignore simple water leaks.

It may be easier to employ the services of a commercial plumber to do the inspection and maintenance of your plumbing system on a more consistent schedule, so you can focus on essential tasks when running a business.

Prevent water leaks.

As a business owner, you already have a lot on your mind that pertains to running the business.

Thus, it may be tempting to overlook or disregard a leaky faucet. However, you should know that water leaks are not just going to go away. If anything, when left unaddressed, it will only get worse.

Small water leaks in your commercial establishment may develop into a more significant plumbing issue overtime. Not only does a water leak may contribute to a higher water bill, but it could also destroy your overall plumbing system.

Make sure you instruct your staff to tighten the handles and knobs into the off position. You should also regularly check under the sinks for water drips.

Practice proper toilet maintenance.

Post signs in bathrooms to remind staff and guests about proper toilet usage.

Any toilet issues, especially for a hotel business or other related accommodations, can have a negative impact on the business. Make sure that you have a reliable commercial plumbing company on speed dial should any emergency plumbing issues arise.

It would also be helpful to post signs in every bathroom of your commercial establishment, reminding staff and guests not to flush any unnecessary items down the toilet.

Anything but human waste or toilet paper can clog your plumbing system. Also, make sure that there are enough accessible trash cans to promote proper garbage disposal within your premises.

Check your appliances.

It’s common to check shower drains and faucets for water leaks. However, don’t ignore other appliances such as refrigerators or washing machines. Water leaks may also develop around these appliances.

Water and moisture can cause mildew and mold to develop, which is another problem in itself. Check for puddles appearing where they shouldn’t. Look under each appliance to make sure they don’t get any damage from mold. Remember, any appliance that connects to your plumbing system is susceptible to leaking.

Work with a local commercial plumbing company.

Running a business entails proper maintenance of your establishment. One of the more important aspects of this is your commercial plumbing system. Make sure you have a reliable and professional commercial plumbing company to call should any plumbing problems occur.