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Yes! The answer is unequivocally and an immediate yes – you need professional help to install hot water heater. Dear reader, if you are not a professional or have little experience installing complicated, large household appliances dealing with any combination of water, electricity and gas, walk away. 

A hot water heater install is the hairiest task on anyone’s to-o list. And that is well before acknowledging whether or not you have experience installing such technology to begin with. Searching online, you may find many basic tutorials on how to install a hot water heater. Even with information at the touch of a finger, these “how to do exactly what you should have paid someone to do” guides still come off like so much digital nonsense! For a few important reasons, we think it’s very important that you get help from a professional to install your next water heater.

Your Personal Skill Set

You may have a decent skill level. On a scale of 1 being a novice and 10 being an expert handyman, where do you fall? You most likely googled or searched perhaps “hot water heater installations” and came to me. And I am the one who won’t let you destroy your home. 

If you are a “jack of all trades,” like I am, your skill level might be around a 5 or a 6. You might be familiar with the aspects of survival, but no matter how practiced you are at fixing the minor things, there are definitely times to call in the professionals.  It’s the type of job that a homeowner, when able to afford, should purchase. It’s insurance in itself! 

Your HOA Might Require Professional Installation

A hot water heater install isn’t like the kitchen sink. It’s a bit complicated. In some cases, you may need a permit to install a hot water heater. Check with your city codes and HOA or COA regulations, as there may be information regarding professional installation of appliances. 

Why would your city, state, or homeowners association (HOA) require such things? Because its dangerous, that’s why! If not installed properly, this level of technology could cause a serious hazard to your health, home and well being, putting your loved ones and future residents in the home at serious risk. Your family is everything. And when you cut corners around safety, you are wagering your family’s safety over a fist full of dollars. 

Complications with Hot Water Heater Installations

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The complications with a hot water install include flooding, wiring or electrical issues, long-term leaks, and improperly calibrated equipment. I would strongly suggest to any homeowner who understands the value of warranties and rebates, to really think about installing something of this level themselves. Rely on a trained professional’s ability to apply first hand, branded knowledge and expertise; not to mention, but definitely not overlooked, a company’s guaranteed licensed and insured service liability to match. 

A professional company will be able to install and maintain your water heater more efficiently and in all the absolutely correct methods. They will insure and often warranty their work, so you know you have someone you can call when there is an issue in the future. 

Tankless Water Heater Install

Especially if you are looking at a high-efficiency and energy-saving tankless water heater, you want to make sure that your equipment is properly installed. One of your major goals in installing a tankless water heater is to save money, and an improper install can even increase your bill. If your equipment isn’t calibrated, or if there are issues with the plumbing and electrical work, your tankless water heater won’t bring any benefits to your monthly utility bill. 

When you install a new hot water heater, someone has to remove the old one too.

Removal of the Old Water Heater

In addition, water heaters are often large and heavy, with tanks that range from 25 to 100 gallons. Made of steel, water heater tanks are dangerous and cumbersome to remove, and can often require a team of people. Because professionals typically deploy a team of people to install a hot water heater, your install will overall be safer, cleaner, and more efficient. As a bonus, they will frequently haul off the old water heater so you don’t have to worry about proper disposal.