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Shelton Plumbing Technician Jobs

Shelton Plumbing is a member of the Quality Service Contractors, an elite branch of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Association, meaning we have high quality standards to meet when we seek out new team members. And we are always on the lookout for new talent.

Plumbing Jobs at Shelton Plumbing

There are more than 1.5 million people in the p-h-c industry in the US. And it is a growing industry positively affected by newer technology and changing needs for a sustainable environment.

What does Shelton Plumbing look for in a potential plumbing technician?

Shelton Plumbing is a drug-free workplace and all candidates must pass this test. (Random testing is also performed after employment.)

Candidates are subject to a full background check.

Plumbing and technician candidates must have a current license for the state of Texas.

Plumbing and technician candidates must have a good driving record.

Candidates should have experience working in a variety of environments and be in good physical condition to endure these environments.

Candidates should present references as to their ability to maintain a professional attitude and demeanor while on the job as well as confirm their level of professional knowledge.


Rick Shelton is a Responsible Master Plumber

In business for more than 30 years, Rick Shelton has the know-how to successfully own and operate Shelton Plumbing. Reaching the highest level, Responsible Master Plumber, he is on the Board of PHCC as well as serves on their Continuing Education Committee, helping write and update curriculum.

Shelton Plumbing is about commitment. Not only to our customers, but to our employees.

We commit to providing excellent benefits, and paying for continuing education each year.

We commit to investing in our company’s future by helping our technicians get their journeyman license.

We commit to our apprentices by paying for their training and providing work experience.

We commit to employee safety with weekly training and policy review.

Long-term employees are more of the rule than the exception at Shelton Plumbing. This indicates we are doing something right.

Can I become a Master Plumber?

If you have applied yourself as a journeyman in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry, and feel you have the years of experience to move to the next level, you may take the master plumber exam. Shelton Plumbing encourages our journeyman to reach for the next level.

Plumber Jobs Provide a Good Future

It is very important to finish your high school education if you are considering the plumbing heating cooling industry as your future. The life skills and your ability to handle different personalities will help you become better-rounded. Coursework that is needed includes English, math such as algebra and geometry, and chemistry.

Once you have completed your secondary education, you should contact plumbing contractors to inquire about an apprenticeship through their company.


Plumbing apprentice jobs pay while you learn.

Shelton Plumbing offers a great apprentice program. If you qualify, we pay for this 4-year program. You are required to attend classes, as well as perform hands-on training at the company. We pay you while you work, pay for your licensing, and after you pass your final test, we have a job for you.

The plumbing field is a great career. It extends beyond pipes and drains into cooling and heating systems for commercial and residential arenas. It is ever changing with technology. It is never the same job twice. It pays well. You are helping people by providing a service everyone needs at some time or another.

If you enjoy working with your hands and have good mechanical inclination, contact Shelton Plumbing about our plumbing apprentice jobs and program.

Contact our office regarding submitting your resume for consideration.

It’s More Than Plumbers Jobs — It’s P-H-C Careers. It may not be glamorous. You probably won’t become famous. But, you will never be without work opportunities. The plumbing-heating-cooling business will always need trained and experienced technicians. Consider this career opportunity with Shelton Plumbing.

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