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Professional drain cleaning services are in-demand because every homeowner knows the value of having a reliable drainage system on their property. The method aids in preserving the building’s integrity, advancing health and hygiene, and safeguarding your landscaping.

However, regular maintenance is essential for drains to perform correctly, just like any other plumbing system in your house. Unfortunately, because drains are hidden below the surface, most homeowners neglect to maintain them.

In addition to causing expensive house damages, dirty drains represent a major health risk to your family. Schedule professional drain cleaning services regularly to keep your drainage system in peak shape and avoid associated problems. Drain cleaning benefits include clearing clogs, getting rid of odors, preventing disasters, extending the life of pipes, and saving money.

Do your drains need to be cleaned, though? Here are several warning signals that your drains require professional drain cleaning services.

1. Standing Water

Professional drain cleaning services can deal with standing water.

Have a sink or washing machine with water that won’t drain? After taking a shower, you may be left standing in water that is ankle-deep or higher.

A blockage in your drainage pipes is the cause of any standing water. There is enough to prevent water from passing through, whether it is blocked by hair or muck.

It’s time to have professional drain cleaning services for assistance if it’s so blocked that no water can pass through.

2. Slow Draining

If your sink or bathtub takes longer than usual to drain, there is probably a blockage growing somewhere in your drain.

Over time, debris from food, soap, grease, and hair will accumulate in the pipes and slowly block the flow.

A slow drain will only exacerbate if you clean your drainage pipes. Dealing with the issue as soon as you see it can help you avoid additional costs and hassles.

3. Unexplained Foul Odor

You’ve noticed an odd smell in your house, but you need to figure out what it is. Despite your best efforts to clean, the situation always appears to worsen.

The issue can originate with your drains. There may still be food or sewage accumulating in your pipes, even if your drains appear to be working as they should.

Any substance fouling up your drainage line can be removed by professional drain cleaning services, who can come and do it for you. No matter where the stench comes from, they will have specialized equipment to find it.

4. Frequent Clogs

Last week, you had a clog in the bathroom sink that you believed had cleared. But now, you’re surprised to discover that the same clog is back. A big obstruction that a quick remedy can’t fix may cause recurrent clogging.

Inside the pipes, gunk and residue may be accumulating. Home drain cleaners may aid in clearing the clog, but they only sometimes solve the problem completely.

At this point, professional drain cleaning services can permanently resolve the issue.

5. Gurgling Sounds

Your sink is making a peculiar noise. Even though your drain appears to be operating normally, it sounds like it is gurgling.

There may be an issue developing behind the scenes if strange noises emanate from the pipes. Water rushes past a blockage as it starts to form, causing air bubbles. Because of these air bubbles, you can hear a gurgling sound when the sink drains.

These noises will stop once professional drain cleaning services removes the obstruction.

6. Water Backup

The worst scenario for any homeowner is to walk into their bathroom or laundry room to discover a pool of filthy, sometimes offensive-smelling water.

Cleaning up after a water backup can be difficult, and the damage can be costly. It happens when drain pipes get clogged, forcing water to flow back into your home.

Call for professional drain cleaning services promptly because water backups not only result in water damage to your property but may also endanger your family’s health.

7. Problem with Fruit Flies

Fruit flies were never a problem for you before, but they just started showing up for some reason. They persist even after you have cleaned the kitchen counters and removed any food that may have been left behind.

Many people are unaware that food particles caught in your sewage pipes attract fruit flies. Fruit flies will be a chronic annoyance if your drains are not cleaned regularly. Hire professional drain cleaning services like us at Shelton Plumbing to clear up any food residue in the drains and eliminate these pesky insects. Clean drains can also eliminate small rodents in your sinks and the fruit fly problem.

8. Overflowing Toilets

Sewage drains can become blocked by trash and toilet paper. A blockage prevents your toilet from properly emptying if you experience frequent overflowing.

The sewage clog can be located and removed by professional drain cleaning services, allowing your toilet to flush normally.

9. Clogged Sinks and Toilets

Not only won’t one sink drain, but the bathtub, toilet, and other sinks in the house are also clogged. There is a severe issue with your plumbing if you have multiple clogged drains. The main drainage line may have a problem, or the main sewer line may be backed up.

Make a prompt call to the experts for professional drain cleaning services. If you wait too long, water may back up through several drains in your house, which might seriously harm your property.

10. Using Too Much Liquid Drain Cleaner

One bottle of liquid drain cleaning should be plenty. Your drains are still running slowly, even though you used two bottles this time.

Stop pouring the commercial cleansers. You risk damaging your pipes in addition to not solving the issue.

Only professional drain cleaning services can remove particularly stubborn clogs while preserving the integrity of your line.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services: What To Expect

With the right equipment and expertise, your local drain cleaning service provider can easily identify the source of any plumbing system obstruction and get rid of it without endangering your drain pipe any further. Professional drain cleaning services will not only address your immediate problem but also give you cleaner, healthier drains that will function better in the long run.

Clog Evaluation

Professional drain cleaning services start with clog evaluation.

Most blockages develop when an accumulation of organic debris, including food scraps, hair, soap scum, dirt, and other particles, occurs inside your drainpipes. Natural mineral deposits in hard water can, over time, build up on the walls of pipes and drains, increasing the likelihood of a clog in your home. Larger or more difficult clogs require professional drain cleaning services to remove them properly, even if plunging can remove loose or developing obstructions.

Evaluating your problems, the type of drain having the issue, and the draining state are the first steps in any professional drain cleaning service.

Clog Removal

After assessing the pipe obstruction, experts will begin to work to clean your pipes and remove the clog. Drain obstructions can be cleared in a variety of ways. Here is a concise summary of some of the most important details concerning drain cleaning solutions, including how they work and when your property needs them.

Drain Snaking

Snaking, which involves extending a long, thin cable into your drain and using a pointed attachment at the end to hook or break up the clog, can clear most persistent clogs that do not respond to plunging. Snakes can be manually controlled or motorized depending on the length, diameter, and type of clog you are dealing with.

Professional drain cleaning services can also stop leaks and restore the integrity of your pipes if the blockage has damaged your plumbing, such as by forcing tree roots into a sewage line.

Drain snaking can help remove accumulated hairs and organic matter.

Drain Auger

Handheld drain augers and drain snakes are both flexible cable tools with similar functions. A few feet to more than 100 feet of cable may be in the drum on some large machines. The line is inserted into the drain and turned to penetrate or seize the obstruction.

These instruments diverge according to the drain size they intend to clean. Smaller drains, like those under a kitchen or bathroom sink, can be handled by drain snakes. Drain augers are used for larger lines, like your toilet or shower drain. The snake can handle lines from 1 1/4″ to 2″ in diameter, and a drill can handle lines from 1 1/2″ to 3″. What equipment is required will be decided by your plumber.


A service like hydro-jetting to remove stubborn buildup from the inside of your pipes may be recommended if hard water or other buildup has raised the chance of clog development. Hydro jetting can be used to unclog sluggish drains and clogged sewage systems. Professional plumbers regularly utilize the technique of “water jetting,” which involves using a hydro jetting machine to blast drains with high-pressure water at up to 4000 psi to clear them of stubborn, hard-to-clear obstructions.

To avoid organic buildup from reoccurring, it may also be advised to use an enzymatic drain cleaner regularly.

For a healthy, cozy, and effective house, clean, effective drains and sewer lines are a must. Our skilled plumbers at Shelton Plumbing can provide prompt service so that you can get the expert professional drain cleaning services you require without interrupting your daily routine.