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Despite being a lucrative and rewarding career choice, not many people know the other many benefits of being a professional plumber. The installation, repair, and maintenance of a property’s plumbing systems require expertise and dedication.

And there appears to be a severe shortage of dedicated and qualified individuals up to the task.

Clogged drains, broken pipes, flooded floors. Professionals are required to address these plumbing emergencies.

Plumbing emergencies need experts to address them

Unfortunately, despite more and more individuals joining the workforce, not many opt for a plumbing career.

Why Is There a Shortage Of Professional Plumbing?

Many skilled and experienced professionals eventually reach the age when they are ready to call it a day in their profession. Almost half of the country’s skilled trade workers are approaching the retirement age. While seasoned in professional plumbing are still plenty, they are slowly leaving the workforce.

And fewer individuals are replacing them. And it may be because of the reasons below.

Lack of Knowledge and Expertise in Technology and Equipment

Nowadays, technological advances have paved the way for better and more efficient job processes – and the plumbing trade is no exception. It’s never been as essential as not to understand the intricacies of plumbing fully.

To stay up-to-date with the latest and more relevant trade information, professional plumbers need to work with sophisticated devices and equipment. No longer do we associate professional plumbing professionals equipped with only a flashlight and a wrench.

Different plumbing tools and devices

Many aspects affect the plumbing profession. Piping materials change and vary. Local codes differ. Work sites have different specifications.

Technologies and equipment evolve. And in some cases, plumbers need to fix another’s plumbing mistake. All these aspects can challenge a novice and most importantly, the customer.

Lack of School Programs

There is a severe lack of funding when it comes to skilled labor training programs. In previous years, students were presented with training opportunities for a verity of trades industries – including plumbing.

The opportunity to work with seasoned trade professionals or apprenticeship opportunities were also prevalent back in the day. Unfortunately, there are not many training programs available anymore. Even trade or vocational schools are not as common.

Perceived Stigma

Workers from past decades grew up in an extremely different environment than their successors. Academic achievements were put on a higher pedestal over work-force skills.

Compared to the higher level of learning associated with careers today that involves computers and other sophisticated gadgets, there’s an undesirable stigma related to the professional plumbing profession.

Family Business Traditions Stop

Plumbing was mostly considered as a heritage profession. Today, it’s not a popular family business as it once was. Corporate opportunities and career choices expand. Thus, not many sons or daughters of plumbers are choosing to fill in their parents’ footsteps.

There Will Always Be Work

Despite all these reasons and misconceptions, the demand for plumbers is steadily increasing. No matter how the economy or job market gets, residential and commercial business owners will always require professional plumbing services.

Even though breaking into the plumbing trade can get extremely competitive, there will be no shortage of work. The only thing you need to do is prepare for it.

A Viable Career

It’s unfair to think that trade jobs are somewhat beneath other professions. A job in the plumbing industry is a viable career path. It’s a profession that is essential in the growth and success of the economy and the community.

Competent and Reliable Professionals

Even though consumers and plumbing businesses have to face these shortage realities, there are still competent and reliable plumbing professionals out there. Thus, it’s essential to do your research.

Check if the plumbing company you’re considering to work with is customer-centered. It’s important to know if they are punctual, accommodating, and not trying to upsell you.

Moreover, when looking for competent and reliable plumbing experts in your area, look for a company that is:

  • Experienced and trusted in the community
  • Up-to-date on plumbing regulations and standards
  • Well versed on the latest plumbing technology and equipment
  • Resourceful and will provide you expert maintenance tips
  • Dedicated to finishing the job

Good, trustworthy plumbers will always follow through on their tasks. They also have the most current employment certifications, license, and insurance required for them to conduct their business. They should be able to present these documents without hesitation.

Reputable plumbing professionals are always accessible and will stay in touch until all your issues are addressed or if any plumbing emergencies arise.