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Drains control the water flow in and out of your house, but they may require professional drain cleaning to avoid clogs and other problems with the main sewer line over time.

Even though you may feel tempted to save money by cleaning the drains or fixing other plumbing problems on your own, a professional drain cleaning plumber has the skills and equipment necessary to get the job done right. If you have noticed your drains have been experiencing some trouble lately, try getting them cleaned.

How to Know If You Require Professional Drain Cleaning

Below are some warning signs of problems with your plumbing system that a professional can fix by cleaning the drains.

1. Multiple Slow Drains in Your Home

Professional drain cleaning can help keep your sewer system running efficiently.

One slow drain might not be an issue, but if the sinks and tubs in your bathroom, kitchen, and basement take a while to completely drain, you might have clogs due to a buildup of waste inside your pipe walls. If you’re unsure what the root cause is, it’s best to call a plumber to fix your slow drains before the plumbing problem gets worse.

2. Recurring Clogs With Failed DIY Measures

You should reach out to a professional drain cleaning company to clean the drains if your pipes continue to clog and nothing you try seems to work. Clogs typically happen because too much waste has accumulated in the sewage system, making it difficult for water to drain out of the showers, sinks, or tubs. The main sewer line clog could also back up the drains throughout your house.

3. Gurgling Sounds From Your Drains

The drains should be quiet, except for the occasional sound of gurgling from a bathtub as it empties running water. However, strange sounds from toilets, sinks, and showers indicate that your house has a clogged sewer line. Waste within the pipes could slow down the water flow and create a blockage, creating air bubbles that can’t go through the pipes and into the nearest vent.

4. Recurring Odors

One of the clogged drain signs is an unpleasant smell traveling through the house, especially near bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. You might smell recurring odors across the house because of the following reasons.

A dry P-trap: It’s a curved drainpipe area underneath the sink. This component can dry out if it’s in a room that does not get a lot of use, like a shower in the basement or the sink in a guest bathroom.

A blocked drain lines or sewer: Odors from drains could result from rotten food pieces, oil, or hair strands stuck in the kitchen sink or bathtub.

Higher water pressure: The drains could produce a foul odor if your sewer system experiences a sudden rise in water pressure. You might notice an increase in the strength of the water flow dues to damage in the pipes that could create a foul smell.

5. Low Water Pressure

When the water pressure drops in the shower, sink, or toilet, you would need to call a professional drain cleaning company. Low water pressure is caused by residue stuck inside the pipes. A professional can also inspect your drainage system for other issues that could cause low water pressure.

Everything to Consider When Selecting a Professional Drain Cleaning

If you haven’t hired a professional drain cleaning yet, you may not know what to look for. Here is how to choose a professional drain cleaning service.

How safe are the products utilized in drain cleaning?

Some drain cleaners and other drain cleaning products located in stores are made from strong chemicals, and they’re extremely toxic, which could become a health hazard if the fumes are accidentally inhaled. It can also be dangerous to be in your home when you have small children who are curious and want to explore. It would help to consider the health of your plumbing.

These harsh chemicals could damage your pipes after repeated use. Sometimes the blockage is so severe that you need to use the drain cleaning products more than once to achieve the desired outcome.

How efficient would the professional drain cleaning service be?

Time is money; hence, it is important to find a drain cleaning service that won’t take too much of your time because you have to stand by as the plumber struggles to get rid of a blockage. The plumber may not even be able to remove it and need to come back the next day to try once more.

Professional drain cleaning services can help remove clogs from your sewer pipes.

The pipe may be unclogged for a week or two, but gradually the water begins to drain slower and slower until it stops. All that money and time that you spent has now been for nothing. It’s important to find a professional drain cleaning service with methods that are guaranteed to work and give you long-lasting results.

Does the professional drain cleaning company have other services that may be necessary if other problems arise?

As a client, you may not know much about your drainage system or what is needed for the plumbing to work effectively and without issues. The drain cleaning service could bring to light problems in your plumbing system that, if not fixed, might cause some serious damage down the road.

As mentioned above, something a blockage could be caused by misaligned pipes or pipe walls that have collapsed, so it is important to choose a plumbing company that could assist you with all the aspects of t the plumbing system.

Will the professional drain cleaning company be available 24/7?

Some drain blockages could wait a day or two, but when there’s a blockage in your only toilet and water is overflowing from the toilet, then it couldn’t wait. It is important to learn which plumbing companies could provide services outside of normal business hours because drainage issues don’t always happen within normal business hours.

Can I trust the professional drain cleaning company?

There are many plumbing companies, and sometimes it can be difficult to find affordable and reliable plumbing solutions. Word of mouth could be a great tool to use when selecting a plumbing company because you can trust the reviews that your family, friends, and co-workers give. You could also find reviews online that could give you more insight into how the plumbing company works and how desirable the outcome of their services is.

Many plumbing companies offer professional drain cleaning services.

That might be a daunting task to find a /company that provides professional drain cleaning services and a variety of other plumbing services that may go hand in hand with your drainage issues. If you need reliable and efficient professional drain cleaning, reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!


How much does professional drain cleaning cost?

The average cost to professionally clean a drain is $250, but it can range from $99-$750, but there are other factors can impact your cost, including your location, the severity of the plumbing problem, and the plumber fees, among many others. 

Why should I get professional drain cleaning?

Regular professional drain cleaning can offer you peace of mind from knowing that your plumbing system is operating efficiently and cleanly.