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Experienced Leak Detection Company

We all know the most minuscule leak can waste many gallons of water. They are often very hard to find. Shelton Plumbing can locate any leak. Water or Gas. Our 30+ years of plumbing experience will show you we know our stuff.

Water Leak Detection

We are equipped to find and fix. Our high tech scoping and video camera equipment give our plumbers the upper hand in finding leaks. When you use the right tools, you save time and money.

What causes a water leak?

Aging, shifts in the ground or a home settling, chemical reactions between materials, or direct damage to lines and pipes are some of the reasons why leaks occur. Obvious or not and no matter the reason, water leaks should never be ignored.

The best plumber for residential plumbing services.

Shelton Plumbing rates among the best local plumbing companies in Waco. Highly skilled. Professional. Friendly. Affordable.

A plumbing leak will waste resources.

Over a period of time, a leaky faucet can put upwards of 150 gallons of water down the drain in just a day. Gone unfixed, you are not only wasting a precious natural resource, but seriously damaging your wallet.

Top Water Leak Repair Experts

Our licensed plumbers are trained to use specialized equipment, including a small video camera, to explore the plumbing network of your home. This equipment can find even a pinhole size leak in your interior lines or cracks and blockages in your exterior sewer system.

Once located, our experts will accurately repair the trouble spots with quality parts and precision restoration.


Foundation and Slab Leak Repair

If your house sits on a concrete slab, be aware that as the house settles, your slab may crack in places. This does not always warrant a problem, and there are warning signs inside and outside the home if trouble is brewing.

  • Wet or damp carpet.
  • Warped flooring or high spots.
  • Musty smell.
  • Mildew.
  • Soft areas of ground in your yard.
  • Overly wet areas of grass — never dries out.

Slab leak repair cost can add up quickly.

Smashing up parts of the foundation of your house or digging up areas of your lawn are an awful sight. That may be the only way to repair a slab leak.

To add fuel to that fire, repairing the collateral damage to flooring, walls, cabinetry, and furniture can be more expensive than the plumbing repair itself.

Accurate Slab Leak Detection

Of course in order to repair a leak in a slab you must first detect where it is.

Shelton Plumbing is equipped with special sensors and meters that narrow down or directly locate a water leak in your slab. This minimizes the size of the repair area saving you in repair costs.

Our leak detection service goes beyond the call…

Water leaks of any kind can cause a lot of damage to your home and property. If you experience a leak resulting in major damage, call Shelton Plumbing for your repair and clean up.

Shelton Plumbing has been in business for more than 30 years and in that time has developed excellent relationships with industry related vendors in the Waco community. We can provide reputable references to help you get your home back in good working order.


Water leaking from your ceiling?

Oh, what a feeling. Water leaking from the ceiling.

No, this is not the lyrics from that catchy 1980s Lionel Richie song, but the fear of every homeowner. Maybe a bathtub was left running upstairs…or cut into a supply pipe when you were installing new recessed lighting…or the washing machine hose broke in your second floor laundry room.

Nonetheless, you need not fear, homeowner. Shelton Plumbing can handle any normal or unusual water leak in and around your home.

Plus, we have 24 hour emergency services.


Cross-trained plumbing leak detection for residential or commercial property.

The highly skilled technicians and plumbers at Shelton Plumbing are crossed-trained to work in both residential and commercial plumbing leak detection service. Able to use a wide variety of detection and repair equipment, you will get the best possible plumbing service in town.


Propane and Natural Gas Leaks

One of the most concerning types of leaks for any home or business is the gas leak. Propane or natural gas leaks possess the potential danger of causing an explosion that could level a house or building with much collateral damage to the surrounding area.

It is important if you have gas appliances or heat in your home or commercial property, you have regular inspections and perform essential maintenance as required by law and the manufacturer of your equipment. Safety for life and property are priority.

Shelton Plumbing performs inspections for gas leaks using special sensors that are able to hone in on the tiniest pinhole leak.


Gas Leak Detection

In an effort to make propane and natural gas more noticeable to humans (and trained animals), an additive is mixed into the gas that makes it smell like rotten eggs or sometimes garlic.

If you are in an environment where gas is present and you detect the smell of rotten eggs, there is a possible gas leak.

If you have access to the shut off valve, turn the gas off and leave the premises. Don’t touch any electrical equipment such as a light switch as it may cause a spark. Wait until you get outside before you place a call for help.

There are a few other signs to watch for that indicate a possible gas leak. You might listen for any hissing sound or look for dirt blowing near your pipes. Do you have dead plants or do your plants have discolored leaves? Is the flame of your gas stove an orange or yellow color?*

Trusted Leak Detection Company

Shelton Plumbing is the name you can trust when you need a leak detection company for your home or business. Our performance record speaks for itself. Inspections. Tests. Repairs. Maintenance.

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