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When you consider water heater installation, did you know that your water heater consumes about 17% of the energy used in your home, making it the second-largest contributor to your utility costs after your heating and cooling system? So, choosing the best heater type and brand is always important.

A few options for water heating include a gas heater, electric water heater, and much more to provide a hot water system for your home. The amount of energy consumed by your water heater is determined by the amount of hot water you use and the type of water heater you install. As a result, it’s critical to compare multiple options before making a final purchase decision when it’s time to install a new water heater or replace an existing one in your home.

What are Water Heaters?

The majority of houses include common appliances like water heaters. You need a water heater to have warm enough water to wash your clothes or take a bath or shower.

Water heaters are often placed in a utility room or basement and resemble large metal cylinders. On the other hand, tankless water heaters, which provide limitless hot water on demand, are noteworthy aspects of the more recent types.

A new water heater installation offers many benefits.

Common energy sources for heating water include electricity, burner oil, and natural gas. Several contemporary applications have switched to solar and geothermal heat for improved efficiency.

Benefits of New Water Heater Installation

If you still can’t decide whether or not you should have a new water heater installation, here are some benefits to keep in mind:

You Will Not Have to Worry About Hot Water for at Least a Decade

When you have a new water heater installation on your property, you can count on it lasting at least a decade to twelve years. Some models are designed to last much longer. Be sure you talk to a reliable water heater installation company, like us at Shelton Plumbing, to determine the warranty on your options and how long they are likely to last.

Your Shower Will Last Until You’re Done

If you currently have a water heater that only allows you to take a quick shower and certainly cannot allow several people to take a shower in a row, then you will be glad to have a new hot water heater. If you choose the right model and size, it will offer hot water as long as needed.

A Larger Tank Offers More Water for Changing Family Needs

While most people are replacing their water heater because it is old, the second most common reason people choose to replace their water heater is that their family has upsized (or downsized). While they might once have only needed hot water for two, now they have three, four, or five family members living in the house. Increasing the size of the hot water tank can help make sure everyone gets enough hot water.

A New Model Will Be Much Quieter

There are two ways that an older water heater might be causing noise pollution in your home. First, older models simply made more noise than today’s models. Second, as a water heater gets older, it gets louder. If you have noticed that your water heater is making too much noise, you will be glad to know that a new unit is much quieter.

Newer Water Heaters Can Save You Money

The newer your unit is, the more energy-efficient it will likely be. The more energy efficient it is, the less it will cost to run. This is great for the environment, and it is great for your wallet when it means lower bills.

Why Should You Hire Professionals For Water Heater Installation?

When you realize how important hot water is to your family and lifestyle, you should consider proactive steps to conserve it and extend its useful life, such as regular maintenance. This is key to ensuring that your water heater performs at its best.

This kind of maintenance is best left to an expert water heater installation company, even more so if your water heater is beyond repair and it’s time to install a new one. Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional to ensure your hot water needs are met.

Professional Service

You might suspect something is wrong if the water heater starts making weird noises or if it takes much longer to get hot than before.

However, it can take a trained expert in water heater installation to track down and fix the source of these issues. DIY jobs and repairs from an unqualified person can cause more damage to your water heater than they fix.

Your hot water supply will continue to function effectively with the help of a qualified plumber.

Your Life Will Be Easier If You Hire An Expert

An expert will solve your water heater problems in a lot less time and difficulty and with far better results.

You can depend on the services of a qualified, licensed plumber to do the task correctly, ensuring that your plumbing is operating securely and correctly and relieving you of any hot water-related concerns.

Efficient Maintenance Tune-Ups

Maintenance operations are a tune-up for your water heater. Fundamental checks and adjustments, such as flushing the system, or swapping out the anode rod can make a big difference. Proper maintenance lets the heater work more efficiently, giving you better performance and lower utility bills versus a hot water heater that is not working effectively.

Regular maintenance lowers the risk of failure or more expensive repairs later on and extends the usefulness of your unit by reducing rust and mitigating damage or normal wear and tear.

Over time, that can mean extra months or even years of reliable hot water, making maintenance a good investment versus periodically purchasing and installing a suitable new unit.

Familiarity with Your Unit

Hiring professionals for water heater installation ensures safety.

Using the same plumber regularly ensures that they are familiar with your unit and home and can maintain and service the unit more quickly and with more attention to detail. Having a professional plumber on hand at regular intervals can also help to detect any other potential plumbing issues that exist.

A water heater is more than a tank with a heating element. The wiring, plumbing, or fuel supplies can be quite complex depending on the nature of occupant requirements and require special tools or training for proper repair or installation.

Safety is the First Priority

Water heaters typically operate off a 240-volt power line which can deliver a lethal shock, particularly if you combine that with conditions where they may be flooding, spraying, or constantly leaking water.

It’s far better to let an expert water heater installation company handle these issues than to risk great personal injury in trying to repair or install the heater yourself. Tankless water heaters can be just as dangerous when something goes wrong. Even non-electric heaters, such as those warmed by natural gas or propane, can involve carbon monoxide poison and the leaking of flammable gasses.

This is a dangerous situation that could do serious damage to your home or family. Ensuring that all your appliances are operating correctly and safely so as not to pose a danger to lower-utility-bills your friends and relatives is the best investment you could make.

A water heater installation expert knows how to comply with local building codes and can ensure that your hot water heater complies with state regulations.

If you rely on an amateur or unlicensed individual, you are at risk of violating these codes, which could lead to fines or other penalties if something goes wrong, such as water damage or electrical problems.

Insurance companies may also deny a claim if a new water heater was the cause of damages and it was not installed by a licensed professional.

Protect Your Warranty

In addition to home insurance requirements, purchasing a new water heater will likely involve a warranty that may be voided if you don’t have a professional complete the water heater installation.

This requirement may or may not be included in the accessories that came with the appliance. But when something goes wrong, the warranty may be voided if the manufacturer discovers that the unit was installed or repaired by an unlicensed person, and you’re left paying all over again for a new water heater and a professional water heater installation.

Working with professionals can help protect your warranty.

Professionals Have High-Quality Tools And Equipment

Compared to the generic step-by-step videos you will find on YouTube for your water heater installation, a licensed plumber will have the experience and product knowledge to help from start to finish. They will be able to get high-quality water heating systems and have it installed safely and properly.

Moreover, water heater installation experts may be able to recommend money-saving options with suggestions to cut energy costs and properly maintain the appliance.

For A Stress-Free Water Heater Installation

When a pro is called in for a water heater installation, the cost doesn’t just cover the product and the service. In a way, hiring a professional also provides safety and peace of mind. Calling up an expert eliminates the time spent watching DIY videos or experimenting to figure out how to install the heater. Most importantly, safety, possible property damages, or health problems are not a concern when an expert is behind the wheel of a water heater installation.

The biggest regret you may have is calling in an unlicensed and unqualified plumber who didn’t resolve your problems.

If you need a reliable and stress-free water heater installation, we at Shelton Plumbing can do the job for you! Our many satisfied customers speak volumes about the quality of service we provide. With our years of training and experience in everything and anything plumbing, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands with us!