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A typical household loses about 16 to 17 gallons of water per day due to a water leak. If you think about it, that’s a lot of wasted water, not to mention money. Since water is one of the essential resources in your home, you don’t want just to let this precious commodity go to waste.

From visible water leaks such as a dripping faucet or broken water heater to more severe plumbing problems, you shouldn’t ignore a water leak problem in your house.

In today’s post, let’s take a look at the types of water leaks you should know about. We’ll also explore some essential solutions you can do before you call your local plumber for help.

Common Causes of a Water Leak

Here are some common causes of a water leak and how to accurately detect them.

Water leak can be caused by a broken pipe.

Water Leaking Caused by Plumbing Pipes

Somewhere in your house, you hear constant water dripping. A broken or damaged plumbing pipe may cause this.

Pipes with holes in them are a serious plumbing issue. This can cause certain parts of your home to get flooded, which will eventually lead to water damage.

If you don’t fix the problem, the pipes may burst because of the gradual buildup of water pressure.

This scenario will result in you spending money on an expensive repair caused by water damage. Not to mention your valuables may get ruined as well.

Detecting water leaks caused by plumbing pipes is easier than you think. Start by inspecting your home’s plumbing network. Check for any signs of a water leak. When you find it, you have to take care of it urgently. If the damage is too significant, you may have to replace your plumbing pipe system altogether.

To be sure, you can call your trusted local plumber to do a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing system.

Leaks Because of a Broken Shower Head

If you see water dripping from the shower head, even after closing it, it would be a good idea to remedy the issue right away.

A leaking shower head can cause your water bill to go up exponentially. To remedy this kind of water leak, you can buy a new shower head to fit in your shower. It’s usually fairly straightforward to replace a shower head, so many people do it themselves. This solution will mainly solve a leak problem caused by a broken shower head.

Incorrectly Installed Washing Machine or Dishwasher

A washing machine is a fantastic appliance that can help you save a tremendous amount of time. However, it can be concerning when you think about its water usage. If the hoses of your washing machine don’t fit properly, your whole house may get flooded.

This is a hazard – especially when you think about water and electrical appliances plugged in the sockets getting mixed together. Make sure to inspect all the hoses of your washing machine.

To be extra sure, double-check them. Otherwise, you may be looking at a lot of wasted water and potentially damaging water flooding in your house.

The same can be said about dishwashers. If you see water pooling around your washing machine and dishwasher, turn them off and inspect these appliances thoroughly.

A broken irrigation system is not good for your yard.

Defective Home Irrigation System

If your property has an irrigation system for your home garden or landscape, make sure that the irrigation system is installed correctly.

If not, you will most likely see puddles of water pooling in your yard.

Aside from water getting wasted because of this type of leak, you are also risking your plants’ life because of excess water. If it’s a serious leakage issue, have a plumber fix the problem right away.