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Almost 10% of households have an undiagnosed water leak that wastes approximately 90 gallons of water daily and needs to be checked by water leak repair experts.

Nobody likes to lose money due to a leak in their water pipes, much alone the thousands of dollars of damage a leak might do to their home.

Whether you suspect a problem in your house, read our advice on how to detect if you have a water leak and what symptoms to check for.

Signs that You Need to Call Water Leak Repair Experts

Rising Water Bills

There are signs that tell when you need to call water leak repair experts.

Have your water costs lately increased? This might mean that you leak somewhere in your system. If you notice that you are using more water than normal for no apparent reason, you should call your local water leak repair experts to inspect your property for evidence of a leak.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, a household of four should not use more than 12,000 gallons of water each month. Compare your consumption to prior invoices, particularly during the coldest months.

You have a big leak on your hands if you are much over the national average.

Damp Areas

Wet areas are sometimes difficult to detect, particularly if your leak is small. They may be found on the floor, walls, and ceiling. If your roof is leaking, they are rather prevalent.

If it is a little leak, it may dry up before you notice it, or you may mistake it for a spill.

Examine the area around your home as well. If you find an area of grass growing faster than the rest of the lawn, you may have an underground leak in the irrigation system.

To examine further, you will want the services of reliable water leak repair experts.


After a wet spot has dried and returned over time, the region will become discolored and soiled. If it’s on a white surface, the water often causes the region to be yellow.

This is often accompanied by mold or mildew development. You are more likely to detect the stains if you have yet to observe the reoccurring moist area.

You may detect a musty or moldy odor by the time the discoloration appears. This indicates that the leak is extensive and that water leak repair experts must assess the damage.

Mold Development

Mold and mildew thrive in moist settings. Some varieties of mold may develop in as little as 24 hours. Mold and mildew are prone to grow in constantly damp areas, and these might be symptoms of a water leak.

Mold is hazardous to one’s health since it creates respiratory difficulties. Mold spores are dispersed into the air and, when inhaled, may cause major health issues in the lungs.

Mold is frequently stinky, with a musty odor. If it’s developing in an area you can’t see, you could notice the stench first.

To prevent mold, keep rooms adequately aired; however, address the water leak first. Speak with a specialist to ensure that the mold is properly removed.

Spongy Wood

When wood becomes persistently damp, it becomes spongy to the touch. If you apply any pressure, you’ll feel it give way beneath your fingertips.

Wood absorbs water and becomes flexible and soft as a result. This indicates severe water damage and should be examined immediately.

If water leaks into the surrounding fixtures and fittings, you may notice it in bathrooms. When wood is destroyed in this way, it cannot be fixed and must be replaced. Remove the fixtures and inspect the wall and floor beneath them for leaks.

Paint Peeling

Peeling paint is often an indication that a leak has occurred somewhere and might have been leaking for some time. When paint gets moist, it loses its adhesiveness to the wall.

It may peel away in one continuous strip when it is still moist. If the paint has had time to dry, you may see it blisters and breaks, leaving the wall in flakes.

Both are indicators that you should look into the underlying issue.

Inadequate Water Pressure

Do you notice that the water pressure decreases when you shower? Many people interpret this as an indication of a problem someplace in the mains, out in the street.

However, it might also indicate that you leak your property. If the low water pressure persists for an extended time, contact your water provider.

If they are unaware of any leaks in your neighborhood, it is time to look at your home and call water leak repair experts.

Sagging Ceiling

A drooping ceiling might be one of the most concerning symptoms of a big leak between levels. The drooping will be obvious if the water leak is sudden and extensive, such as an overflowing bath.

However, keep an eye out for any drooping in your ceiling regions that may occur over time. These might be signs of a leaky pipe leaking a small quantity of water.

Eventually, enough water will accumulate to cause your ceilings to collapse and cause significant damage.

Rusted Metal

Have you discovered any rusted nails in your walls? This is an indication of wetness inside the walls. An untreated water leak might cause this dampness.

Rusted pipes in your plumbing are another indicator. If your galvanized steel pipes are leaking, they will rust. If you see any rusted pipes, examine the source of the leak and replace them.

Loud Plumbing

As the air in the pipes settles, everyone hears a few bumps and bangs throughout the night. You might have a water leak if you hear a steady dripping noise or your toilet is constantly refilling.

When there is a water leak, toilets, in particular, become quite loud. The tank constantly absorbs water, and the piping will frequently grumble and burp as the air moves around.

If the toilet is making a lot of noise, it’s time to call water leak repair experts to see what’s up.

The Most Common Sources of Leaks

Most leaky faucets are caused by corrosion. Mineral deposits from hard water can corrode or loosen internal parts over time, particularly gaskets, O-rings, and washers. It is simple to repair them and will save you lots of money on your monthly bill.

Water leak repair experts can help locate and repair leaks in your home.

Corrosion is also to blame for many leaking pipes. Pinhole leaks caused by corrosive materials in the water supply or excessive pressure can be difficult to detect, but water leak repair experts can locate and repair them.

Freezing temperatures in Utah winters can cause pipes to expand and cracks to form as the frozen water trapped within them thaws. While frozen pipes cause far less damage than burst pipes, they still necessitate immediate attention to prevent property damage.

Sometimes, a faucet will leak because of a broken pipe or fittings, which affects water pressure, so water never seems completely turned off. In addition to lowering your water bill and helping conserve water, hiring water leak repair experts to identify and fix leaks preserves your fixtures by preventing water stains and rust. Prompt repair of leaking faucets and fixtures is often less expensive than replacing them.

What Do You Do If You Believe You Have a Water Leak?

Do you suspect that you got a water leak on your property? Then don’t wait to take action. You need to call water leak repair experts ASAP to prevent the leak from worsening.

Here are some of the most vital things to consider when choosing water leak repair experts to work with.


First, how much experience do the water leak repair experts have? Have they only been around for a year or two, or have they been established in your area for a decade or more? It would be best if you also asked about the personal experience of the people who will inspect your home. Ideally, they should stay involved in learning about new leak detection techniques and equipment.

Reputation is important when looking for water leak repair experts.

It’s also important to ensure the water leak repair experts have the right experience. Find out what the water leak repair experts specialize in and what its technicians do daily to know you have the right team for the job.


Many leaks can be difficult to spot without special equipment, even for trained professionals. The water leak repair experts should have the latest tools to pinpoint the problem’s source without tearing apart your house. For instance, they may use ultrasonic listening devices or molecule counters, depending on the severity or faintness of the leak. Some may also use miniature cameras or sewer inspection equipment that can allow them to get a good look at the pipe in question.


Any water leak repair experts you hire to work on your home should be licensed contractors. They should carry a current license to work on your plumbing system. Hiring water leak repair experts without proper licensing leaves you liable for any problems or damages that might occur. A licensed contractor knows both state and local codes.


Finally, look for water leak repair experts with a good reputation for quality work. Once again, this is where it helps to work with a company that has been around for a while. Many people get recommendations from friends or neighbors when looking for home repairs.

You can also look online to see what people are saying about the water leak repair experts on Yelp, Google, and other review sites. Remember that it’s rare for any business to have excellent reviews 100% of the time, but the majority should be positive.