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It’s true: there’s a shortage of skilled workers in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for every five plumbers leaving the trade, only one is entering. This puts the future of the plumbing profession at risk.

If you’ve come across this post, it’s safe to say you’re curious about the plumbing profession.

Perhaps you’re a plumber just starting out in the trade, or you’re considering entering the trade yourself, or you’re a keen plumbing DIY-er. Maybe you’re just naturally interested in plumbing and plumbing professionals.

Whatever the case may be, the plumbing profession is a vital trade in our society – and it’s continuously going to be necessary.

If you’re thinking about entering the plumbing profession, here are some good reasons to seriously consider it.

Job Security and Stability

Where there's water and people, there's a need for a plumbing professional.

Water is an essential need for humans. Whether it’s for nourishment, cleaning the house, or cleaning ourselves, we all need water.

Wherever there are people and water, there’s proper plumbing that needs to be implemented.

Thus, if the water supply is cut short in our home or place of work, who do we call to resolve the issue?

The need for skilled plumbers is equivalent to the need for healthcare professionals. There’s always going to be a constant and ever-growing need for them in our society. With the surge of new construction and property renovations, plumbing professionals are always going to be needed.

Fewer Student Loans

College students in the United States are graduating with mountains of student loan debt – that’s the sad and unfortunate reality we are facing today. However, when you choose to enter the plumbing profession, this means you can go to a community college or vocational school.

As you know, these places don’t require substantial amounts of money for you to attend. Additionally, part of a plumbing apprenticeship program is getting paid while you’re learning on the job. There are plumbing companies that offer on-the-job training with salary to their apprentices.

Opportunities for Advancement

The plumbing profession is a regulated and licensed trade. You can opt to work your way to the top – the master level if you choose to do so.

Naturally, master plumbers have a higher pay grade, more flexibility in the job, and generally more opportunities.

Job Diversity

When we think of plumbers, most people think they just fix toilets or water heaters or just generally do house calls. You can certainly do this if you choose to. However, plumbers can work in multiple types of industries.

Some plumbers specialize in developing new technologies for the job.

You could be a plumber specializing in planning plumbing systems for high-rises or commercial buildings. You could be a plumber managing municipal or city water systems. You could be a plumber involved in crafting and developing new innovations and technologies.

You could work as a teacher training and educating aspiring plumbers. The opportunities are endless.

Independence and Flexibility

In the plumbing profession, when you’ve been at it for a while, you can choose to start your own plumbing business. Going into business yourself means you’re your own boss. You can work when and where you want to, allowing for a better work-life balance.

This type of arrangement is perfect for those with personal or family obligations or those who need more flexibility in work schedules or locations.

Job Satisfaction

Plumbers are problem solvers. Aside from cognitive thinking, they also use physical strength in this type of work.

Analyzing issues, coming up with solutions, interacting with customers – you keep a sharp intellect to keep your mind and body healthy.

On top of this, plumbers are practically modern-day heroes. With efficient plumbing systems, our society can have access to clean water and remove hazardous wastewater – this allows us to stay healthy and stay away from fatal ailments.

Plumbers keep the plumbing systems in our society in good condition – and that’s certainly worthy of recognition.

No Plumbing Expenses

When you’re a plumber, you no longer have to worry about personal plumbing expenses. This may be the most insignificant reason to enter the trade, but it’s still worth a mention!

Ready to Be a Plumber?

If you’re ready to reap the rewards of being a plumbing professional, get in touch with Shelton Plumbing. We are on the lookout for team members who have what it takes to enter the trade.